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"I am completely satisfied with Better Image. The staff is super!"
- Suzanne

"Thank you so much for making my teeth beautiful! I get a lot of compliments. Everybody asks me for a special smile. I think you did a great job!"
- Holly

"We want to acknowledge the patience, dedication, skill and respect you and your staff have shown to Greg. The effort is evident with how wonderful his teeth look. You and your staff's willingness to have Greg as a patient and do all this work for him has been a gift that we could have only hoped for. Your good deed will be noticed by the powers that be."
- Gloria (for helping our handicapped son)

"I had a filling done today and it was fast, easy and pain free. Dr. Fairweather and his staff are very caring, nice and professional."
- Linda

"Thank you for all you time and everything you did for my beautiful smile."
- Susan

"Just a short note to express my thanks for the wonderful job you did for my self-esteem and me. Since completion I have received many compliments on my smile and appearance. But most of all I would like to thank you for your never-ending patience with someone who hates dental visits. You always make me feel comfortable and that you really cared how I felt after each visit. I realize that at times I might have been a bit difficult but you never made it apparent. I would also like to let you know that I appreciated your friendly professional attitude and that of your staff."
- Loretta

"Dr. Drew Fairweather is the best dentist of Bridgewater. He takes care of all the patients and keeps the smiles healthy."
- Cheylle

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